Priyananthini RajagopalI am Priyananthini Rajagopal born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I did my early schooling in Malaysia. I developed an early interest in Medicine as it always fascinated me how the human kind has evolved and how a doctor’s role play a vital part in dealing with a patient’s disease. That is why I chose to take up Medicine as my career. I am in US to pursue further knowledge and training in higher education.

When I was in high school, I participated in many activities such as sports, chess and public speaking. I was part of my school’s official netball and public speaking team and have played and won in many competitions. Outside of school, I was always volunteering at charity events organized by the National Cancer Society, Kiwanis and Red Cross Malaysia with my Mom. Other than that I enjoy my time reading magazine and browsing to keep up with the latest news. I also spend a great deal of time at my grandparents’ home while I was in Malaysia.

Currently I live in Chicago and am a member of the Malaysian Club of Chicago (MCC) and the Hindu Temple of Chicago, Lemont.  I volunteer my time a lot with MCC, and especially at events.

My dream is to see myself as a successful primary care physician who will excel both professionally and in giving towards the community and internationally. I would like to offer what i do best to help others in need.