Mylene Ongos-HilosA dentist, a philanthropist and a humanitarian.  Dr. Ongos-Hilo was born in the Philippines and completed her  high school and college education in the Philippines.  She came to the United States, completed her Doctorate in Dentistry  and settled in Chicago with her husband, Dr. Ed Hilo and their four children.

Dr. Ongos-Hilo is a very well regarded and esteemed dentist.   She has a very successful general dental practice and yet despite her busy schedule, she always finds time to volunteer on various medical/dental missions to the Philippines.

Additionally, Dr. Ongos Hilo  is a huge contributor to the scholarship fund  of her alma mater,  Quezon City Science High School in the Philippines.  She donates to the fund to assist financially strapped high school students so they can complete their 4 year high school curriculum  and move on to college.  Through her involvement in this fund, together with her other high school classmates, they have been very instrumental in putting dozens of high school students through high school.

On several occasions, Dr. Ongos-Hilo’s former friends/classmates in the Philippines have had some economic difficulties or  some catastrophic event happen such as a fire, flooding or death in the family and Dr. Ongos-Hilo almost always  was the first to anonymously donate money to help them out.  She is well known for donating and helping out the needy all the time.  Clearly, Dr. Ongos-Hilo does not need the media or the limelight or the high visibility for the things that she does- she does them because it is in her DNA and it is the right thing to do.