Catherine WangMiss Catherine S. Wang graduated from the Campbell University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Science in July 1995. In December 2011, she pursued a Certificate in Paralegal Studies from the Roosevelt University and graduated with Honors. Her high scholastic attainment was recognized by Lambda Epsilon Chi, the National Honor Society in Paralegal Studies, and she was awarded a lifetime membership by the society in April 2012 in recognition of her high scholastic attainment. Currently, she works for a major law firm in the Chicagoland area.

Catherine is the current Treasurer of the Malaysian Club of Chicago (MCC) as well as the Member of the Board of Directors of the Chinatown Museum Foundation (CMF). Currently, she is serving as Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer of the Chinese-American Museum of Chicago – Raymond B. & Jean T. Lee Center. Catherine is very involved in the Asian community. Recently, she became an Executive member of the Chicago Fukienese Association.

Catherine has been participating in the cultural activities in the Malaysian American Community for over 5 years. She has been attending most of the Chinese American Museum’s workshops for the past three years. She loves her cultural heritage and enjoying the preservation of the history.